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You might have seen these floating bookshelves around. Here is a short and simple guide for everyone who would like to create their own floating bookshelves. They look stunning and magical and effectively use your wall space and will help to save space. You can build any library at any size, just the way you want.

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Each room in your home has a different purpose. As of result, each room requires a different type of illumination and choice of lighting. Controlling the lighting in your home will help you to create a special atmosphere for each of the rooms to fit your style. In this article, we take a look at different rooms and highlight the most important lighting aspects and share best tips.

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DIY ideas, home improvement, home interior, practical DIY projects, self-made home decor -

We are sure that everyone likes to add some new vibes to their living space. In this blog, you will find 25 DIY project ideas for home improvement and home decor crafting. And the best part? They are inexpensive and you will surely enjoy the process of creativity and creation.

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