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You might have seen these floating bookshelves around. Here is a short and simple guide for everyone who would like to create their own floating bookshelves. They look stunning and magical and effectively use your wall space and will help to save space. You can build any library at any size, just the way you want.

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Amazon echo dot, Amazon echo dot cases, Home decor, Wooden decor -

This one is a rather unique brand with very specific product – oak tree wood cases for your Amazon Echo Dots. It is called Wild Tree Cases.

They offer your Amazon Echo Dot a new personality. Their cases make your echo dot stand out or the opposite - blend in with your home's vibes.

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Children room interior, Home decor, Linen leaf play mats, Nursery ideas -

Meet this beautiful brand which sells unique and hand-made Linen Leaf Play Mats.

These baby play mats from linen, shaped as large tree leaves are inspired by Scandinavian style. They can be used as a nursery carpet, child room rug and bed cover. Linen leaf play mats will also be a nice newborn gift, perfect for child room, bedroom or living room

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Children beds, Children room interior, Home decor, Montessori house beds, Sweet HOME From Wood -

One of our most loved brands in home interior and decor space is the beautiful brand named Sweet HOME From Wood.

They are manufacturing wonderful Montessori house beds & toddler beds.

Explore their brand and take a look at some amazing interior ideas, which they are showcasing in their product photos.

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