Meet the brand - Wild Tree Cases

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Meet the brand - Wild Tree Cases

This one is a rather unique brand with very specific product – oak tree wood cases for your Amazon Echo Dots. It is called Wild Tree Cases

wild tree cases

Story from the author

It all started with buying Amazon Echo Dot for myself. I absolutely loved it.

I also love different home interior products, especially ones crafted from real wood. One day I saw a nice wooden case for a phone and that's when the idea was born - what if I could make an elegant wooden case with sleek design for my Echo Dot, to give it some personality and make it blend in with my home's vibes?

I made my dream case for my own Amazon echo dot and after receiving many great compliments from my friends I decided to make more cases so other people could also get a nice wooden case for their Echo Dot device :)


Wild Tree Cases in an essence

As James puts it - It is a simple wooden case for the Amazon Echo Dot. Modern technology meets eclectic design!

Wild Tree Cases are carefully crafted from Oak and are an essential addition to your Amazon Echo Dot. They offer your Amazon Echo Dot a new personality. Their cases make your echo dot stand out or the opposite - blend in with your home's vibes.

They are carefully crafted from the best Nordic wood, with attention to detail and every curve of the device. As an accessory for so advanced technology, these cases have also surpassed all the functionality tests and ensure that the performance of the device will not be affected.

In addition to that, each case has the "Wild Tree Cases" logo engraved, symbolising their quality and uniqueness. They come in three different shapes and colors

wild tree cases cylinder shape
wild tree cases photo shoot
wild tree cases packaged

Where can you buy one of these cases?

Wild Tree Cases have an online store on Etsy. Click here to check out their Etsy store.

Wild Tree Cases on social media

They have active social media accounts on both Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to follow them on:

We hope you enjoyed exploring Wild Tree Cases brand.

Feel free to get in touch with us or write in comments if you know or run your own home decor and interior brand. Would love to take a look at it.


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