Meet the brand - Sweet HOME From Wood

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Meet the brand - Sweet HOME From Wood

One of our most loved brands in home interior and decor space is the beautiful brand named Sweet HOME From Wood.

They are manufacturing wonderful Montessori house beds & toddler beds.

space explorer interior design by sweet home from wood

Story from the author

I have always loved art but pragmatic side of me understood that it is not easy to earn money with art. That is why I studied finance and suppressed artist inside of me.

After birth of my son I decided to create new interior for his bedroom. I designed and created bedhouse; tepee tent and other design products. My friends liked those items so I decided to give a try and sell these items also on Etsy.

My shop policy is simple: I want to create nice feelings for children and their parents. Customer is my guest and I want him/her to feel special. And I hope you will enjoy our products.


Sweet HOME From Wood in an essence

In simple words by Gunita - wooden house bed frame is an amazing floor bed for children to sleep and play in. Wood house bed or tent bed will make transitioning from a cot to a toddler bed smoothly. Wood bed frame is designed following Montessori furniture principles of independence – building, it saves you a lot of space in kids bedroom and you do not have to fear that your baby might roll out of the tent bed. This will be good alternative for bunk bed. It will be amazing kids gift.

Their beds can be ordered in more than 10 different sizes to meet your needs. They also offer two different materials to choose from (pine or birch), different colors and other additions like beds with slats and beds on legs.

Batman room interior - sweet home from wood
baby girl pink interior - sweet home from wood
light baby room interior - sweet home from wood

Where can you buy one of these wonderful toddler beds?

Sweet HOME From Wood first opened their online store on Etsy. Click here to check out their Etsy store.

But you can also find them on Amazon now. Here's one of their most popular beds. Click the link here or the widget below.

Sweet HOME From Wood on social media

In addition to making beautiful children beds, they also publish awe-inspiring content on their social media. Feel free to follow them on:

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed exploring Sweet HOME From Wood brand.

Feel free to get in touch with us or write in comments if you know or run your own home decor and interior brand. Would love to take a look at it.


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