Meet the brand - Linen Leaf Play Mats

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Meet the brand - Linen Leaf Play Mats

Today we will take a look at another wonderful home interior brand. Its product is called Linen Leaf Play Mats

They are selling Scandinavian style baby play mats from linen, shaped as large tree leaves. It can be used as a nursery carpet, child room rug and bed cover. It will also be a nice newborn gift, perfect for child room, bedroom or living room

Linen Leaf Play Mat

Story from the author

I like handmade qualitative items for child rooms and wanted such linen leaf play mat for my daughter room and give other parents possibility to have one as well.


Linen Leaf Play Mats in an essence

This product has several ways for usage – Linen Leaf baby play mat, Bedside mat, Teepee mat, Padded mat, Montessori mat, simple Play mat for kids, nursery carpet, quilted blanket, decorative blanket or bed cover, bathroom rug or bathroom carpet etc.

Linen leaf play mat will be perfect playing area for your newborn when he starts to play on ground, roll, learn to crawl. Depending from colour that you choose it will fit bot as Girl's mat and Boy's mat. Duvet play mat will protect from cold floor. It will grow together with child and later can be used as child room carpet, decorative rug to make your toddler room unique. Very pleasant for touching playing and sleeping on it.

It will be perfect baby shower gift as newborn play mat or activity mat, newborn gift, gift for baptism, boy or girl birthday gift and boy present, also for adults when moving to new home or at wedding.

All their products are handmade and unique

These wonderful play mats can be ordered in 4 different sizes and 9 different colors to meet your needs.

linen leaf mats room decor
linen leaf play mat in cyan color
linen leaf play mats in various colors

Where can you buy one of these wonderful toddler beds?

Linen Leaf Play Mats have an online store on Etsy. Click here to check out their Etsy store.

But you can also find them on Amazon. Click the link here or the widget below.

Linen Leaf Play Mats on social media

They have active social media accounts on both Instagram and Pinterest. There you can find some great room interior ideas and inspiration. Feel free to follow them on:

We hope you enjoyed exploring Linen Leaf Play Mats brand.

Feel free to get in touch with us or write in comments if you know or run your own home decor and interior brand. Would love to take a look at it.


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