How to make invisible floating bookshelves

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How to make invisible floating bookshelves

You might have seen these floating bookshelves around. One of the most popular questions we have seen under images of levitating books is how do floating bookshelves actually work?

And there is a reason why they are so popular. These bookshelves look stunning and magical. In addition, floating bookshelves effectively use your wall space and can help to save space. Using more than one floating bookshelf will give you countless creative ways how you can build any library at any size, just the way you want.

So is it easy to create such bookshelves? Not at all!

There are just a few steps. Here is a short guide for everyone who would like to create their own magical floating bookshelves.

1. Choose the perfect place for your floating bookshelf and attach a special L-shaped metal shelf to the wall.

We highly suggest using Umbra Conceal Floating Book Shelf. It has been designed specifically for creating floating bookshelves and the package includes all mounting hardware as well (and you won't need any power tools).

This unique L-shaped shelf enables you to create floating bookshelves without ruining any books (unlike standard L-shaped metal brackets). It is made of strong steel construction with a special coating finish for extra durability and can hold up to 15 lbs of your favourite books. You can buy it here - Umbra Conceal Floating Book Shelf.


how to create a floating bookshelf

2. Slide one book onto the ledge and secure the cover using special clips beneath the ledge.

The ledge needs to be "sandwiched" between the book's cover and rest of the pages. This metal shelf also has special clips that will keep the book's cover secure.

how to make a floating bookshelf without ruining a book

3. Stack up your favourite books and voilà!

You should stack enough books so that the metal shelf is hidden from the view. That will create the best effect and your friends and guests will keep guessing how did you create this magical floating bookshelf.

great floating bookshelf examples



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