25 crafty DIY ideas for home improvement and home decor

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25 crafty DIY ideas for home improvement and home decor

We are sure that everyone likes to add some new vibes to their living space. There are many options for how you can do it. A quicker but more expensive option would be to buy some new furniture, repaint the walls etc. However, there are many great ideas and DIY projects for home improvement out there that are simple and effective.

And the best part? They are inexpensive and you will surely enjoy the process of creativity and creation.

We read through various blog sites and compiled a list of 25 amazing DIY project ideas for your home, selecting the simplest and most affordable ideas. Let's start!

  1. Creative flower pots that are made of wooden pegsCreative flower pots that are made of wooden pegs
    This decor is really easy to make. Get some clean tin cans and a handful of wooden pegs. Lastly, apply them to the tin can. Voila, that's it!

  2. Eye-catching invisible bookshelfHow to make invisible bookshelf
    You can create similar magical floating bookshelves with the help of this small metal angle and few screws. Read our detailed guide about creating floating bookshelves here. You can order these L-shaped metal shelves on Amazon here.

  3. Quirky flower vases made out of old socks
    flower vases made out of old socks
    Want to give your old socks some new life? Just cut off the end and wear them on any flower vase. You can also stitch the bottom part to the sides to keep it nicely together.

  4. Space-saving solution to organizing your kitchen supply jars
    Space-saving solution to organizing your kitchen supply jars
    If you are looking for an extra space for your kitchen supplies, try out this simple DIY project. Take off the lid, add it to the bottom of your kitchen shelf with one or two screws and that's it. Make sure you don't put these lids too close together so you can easily remove jars when necessary.

  5. Simple yet elegant tray idea
    Simple DIY tray idea
    Breakfast in bed anyone? Here's a cool idea how to make an elegant tray. You will need an old door panel and a pair of holders. You can also color it and give the tray an even more interesting look.

  6. Your favorite pillow with an extra twist - a useful pocket
    Pillowcase with a useful pocket
    Ever lost a TV remote? Use this simple idea to create a special place for all your gadget controllers.

  7. Cozy pillowcase made from a recycled sweater
    making pillowcase from a recycled sweater

    To make this beauty, you will need an 18-inch square pillow insert and a large sweater that you no longer plan on using.
    1. Cut it into two 19-inch squares.
    2. Sew the right sides of the wool together along the edges. Leave the bottom open.
    3. Next, turn the right side out and insert the pillow form.
    4. Stitch the bottom closed. That is all.

    In addition, you can also create a nice flower accent. To do so:
    1. Cover a two-inch circle of cardstock with a piece of a thin sweater.
    2. Hot-glue it to the back of the circle.
    3. Fold a 3- by 20-inch strip of another sweater in a half lengthwise.
    4. Glue its edges together and then sew a running stitch down the strip lengthwise along the glued seam.
    5. After stitching the entire length, pull the thread to gather the fabric and knot together.
    6. Apply the gathered edge in a circle to the back of the card stock with the help of hot-glue.
    7. Lastly, hot-glue a pin-back in the center and affix it to the pillow.

  8. Handmade geometric bowls for storage
    Handmade geometric bowls for storage
    These fantastic geometrical bowls are not so hard to make. We found a great DIY guide, explaining all steps in details. Check out this article by Jennifer from The Craft Patch.

  9. Simple curtain holder
    Simple DIY curtain holder
    Want to gather your curtains together and give them a nicer look? Create this simple hook. All you need is a nice strip of rope and metallic snap hook.
    Here are some options I found on Amazon:
    1. Alloy snap hook in silver color
    2. Brass plated snap hook 
    3. Antique gold tone snap hook, more expensive but its unique color will make it stand out and give a unique look
    4. Nickel plated snap hook 

  10. Charming bathroom baskets for products
    DIY bathroom baskets for products
    You have probably seen those beautiful baskets in home improvement shops. You can turn them into bathroom storage space even if you don't have any shelves on which to place them. Just add some velcro straps (you can buy some here) to them and attach them to towel holders or unused metal bars.

  11. Convenient table for the arm of your couch
    table for the arm of your couch
    Sofas have soft sides, perfect for leaning on. But because of that – they are not the best place where to place your evening drinks and a plate of snacks. Here's a great sofa side tray table on Etsy. Check it out!

  12. Pretty animal jar lids
    DIY animal jar lids
    If you are using any jars around the home, decorative or for storage, you might like this simple DIY project. Find some toy animals that fit on the jar lid, cover them with primer spray to get them the same base color (optional), and apply gold color fast-drying spray paint. You can buy one here.

  13. Elegant towel holder
    Elegant towel holder DIY
    This one is a bit more complicated DIY project. You will need a beautiful furniture wood piece and some metal bars that can be attached to it. But the end result is well worth it! 

  14. An aesthetic key holder frame
    DIY key holder frame
    This simple DIY project will help you to create an old wooden frame into an appealing key holder. All you need is a wooden frame and some hook screws. You can get some here

  15. Beautiful basket for toilet paper or other bathroom products
    practical home made diy basket for toilet paper or other bathroom items
    Turn some old crates into a nice toilet supply holders. Some patience, glue, thin rope and that's all. Enjoy the process of creation!

  16. Driftwood decor for your table lamp
    rustic wood diy lamp
    Simple DIY project that is not so difficult to craft. If you are interested in how to create his beautiful rustic wood lamp decor, feel free to check out this guide by Tim Neve here.

  17. Colorful garden decor from old tires
    garden flower pots from old tires
    A bit larger DIY project for your outdoor garden. If you have some old tires, you can turn them into colorful garden decor. 

  18. Stunning chalk-board paint colored mason jars
    chalkboard mason jars
    Give your mason jars a new touch by coloring them with chalkboard paint. You can also glue a heart-shaped or any shape paper piece or sticker so you can leave a great looking transparent space on your jars. You can get yourself a qualitative chalboard paint here.

  19. Gorgeous staircase decoration with stencil
    stencil your staircase
    If you are looking for more complicated DIY projects, you can try coloring your staircase. Cut out some stencil art, glue it to the panels and start painting. Remember to cover your staircase steps before, so they don't get some color on them. 

  20. Minimalist decor frame for glass bottles
    DIY frame for glass bottles
    This decor will look great in your bedroom or living room. We found a fantastic guide on HomeTalk blog, written by Ronja Lotte. Check it out here.

  21. Beautiful gold-dipped ceramics
    how to make gold dipped ceramics
    Give your ceramics a fresh and modern look by partially coloring them in gold color. Cover the parts you want to keep white with some tape and use spray paint to cover the other part of ceramics. If you want to use gold color, here's a great gold color spray paint. You can also choose other colors. For example, a set of three different colors that match your home interior color accents.

  22. Faux marble table project
    Creating faux marble table
    Give your glass table a faux marble look with this simple DIY hack. Just measure the glass part, cover it with faux marble paper. You can buy one here.

  23. Stunning DIY pet art decor
    DIY pet art decor on metal plate
    Create stunning wall decors at home. You will need metal plates and some spray paint. Cut out the desired shape and apply it to the plate. Afterwards, color the empty space.

  24. Whimsy cushion covers using old tote bags
    turn tote bags into pillow cases
    A simple DIY trick to create new cushion covers. Many of us have unused tote bags that have great designs on them, use those and give your pillows a new look.

  25. A fresh look for your drawer
    Color your white drawer sides
    Another rather simple DIY project is refreshing your drawer. Choose interesting color mix and color the sides of your drawer. The result will be quirky enhancement to your everyday furniture. It will look best on white drawers.



That's all! Hope you enjoyed this article and found something for your next DIY home improvement project. 

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your favorite ideas and DIY projects in the comments section below. We also plan to create more blog posts with other DIY project ideas, so if you like this one, feel free to join our mailing list and receive updates on new posts :)


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